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Cook along with me in one of the upcoming LIVE virtual cooking classes! All recipes are health conscious and designed from a nutritional therapists perspective. Each recipe includes a grocery list, recipe card, appliances/cookware needed, ingredient substitutions and recipe notes. It will feel like we are in the kitchen together! Plus, you’ll get access to ask me any cooking related question you have! My goal is to teach you how to be successful in your kitchen, gain confidence and get excited about getting creative with food!


Once you sign up, you will receive a printable PDF with the the grocery shopping list and recipe details. You will always be provided with substitution ideas in case of allergies or dietary preference!


I will guide you through a virtual, live class via Zoom! I’ll teach you preparation tips, how to improve your day-to-day cooking and help troubleshoot until your dish is complete! Your class time is to ask questions, ask for feedback, learn something new and have fun! See you in class!


Members get access to all classes for free!

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What people are saying

Jazz's was both informative and interactive. She led the group with clear instructions and fun banter, keeping it light and easy to follow. Giver her expertise in the cooking world, any mishaps that occurred with any group members was swiftly adjusted courtesy of Jazz's tips and tricks in the kitchen. In addition, her information on the culture/history of the dish was a great way to tie everything together. Overall, these elements came together to make for a great experience and new ways to make delicious food!

Great class! I'm a total noob when it comes to cooking... & this class was so fun! I learned so many tricks and little hacks. I loved how flexible the recipes are, you can substitute for any of your dietary needs or restrictions! Jazz is an absolute DELIGHT. Very warm and welcoming, never makes you feel silly for questions - she welcomes them! I had plenty leftover and the pasta was SO good .. not too heavy either. If you're debating whether to take her class, if it will be worth it or not, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! It's 100% worth it, you have plenty of food for leftovers or to share and it's EASY (only 30m)!

The Cooking class was great! Jazz is the best at thoroughly explaining each step and always checking in to see if you have questions. Very relaxed atmosphere and fun to see everyone having an enjoyable time cooking in their own kitchens. Best part is you have a meal ready to eat at the end of class. It was so delicious and fun making it too.