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Updated: May 8, 2020

Q: Do you have fixed schedule for your meals?

A: I have been intermittent fasting for about 3 1/2 years now. Intermitted fasting just means you just eat for 8 hours of the day, and fast for the other 16 hours (sleeping counts). I started practicing it because of the benefits (longevity, repairing cells, easing digestion and burning fat). But after the first 6 months I realized how much easier it was, I didn't have to worry about taking my food on the go, packing snacks and making time to cook like 6 meals a day. I could go about my day without thinking of food for a while and I loved the freedom it gave me. So heres a typical day for me right now: I wake up around 7 AM, workout, get errands done, answer some emails, then once I feel hungry I will break my fast with matcha latte around 12 noon. Soon after I will have my breakfast, that may be anytime between 12 - 1:30 PM. I usually don't snack until I get hungry for dinner which is usually around 5 - 6 PM. At that point I will have dinner and right afterwards I will enjoy a dessert! Honestly, not a night goes by without munching on dessert. When I am satiated and full I will brush my teeth & sip on water for the rest of the night. Over the years I have learned to listen to my body for hunger cues and cravings. I am the first to say that some days I eat more, some days I eat less, some days I break my fast earlier and some days I break my fast a lot later. It just depends on what my body needs and what I feel like I want!

Q: What is your meal prep like?

A: My meal prep is pretty simple. At the beginning of the week I make batches of vegetables and carbs and store them in different containers. Throughout the week I mix and match the components together to form a meal. For example, at the beginning of the week I make a big batch of quinoa cooked in water with no salt or pepper. Throughout the week I may use that quinoa in a warm quinoa breakfast bowl with blueberries, bananas and cinnamon OR I may use it in a savory buddha bowl of some sort. Same thing with sweet potatoes! I will bake 4-5 sweet potatoes and use them either in a loaded breakfast sweet potato bowl OR a savory buddha bowl. Some other items that I meal prep on a weekly basis are: overnight oats, brown rice, cooked lentils, roasted carrots, green beans, roasted broccoli, roasted Brussels sprouts, melon and pineapple. I usually leave my protein to be cooked the night of. About 2x a week I have salmon, and the other nights I have just a mixture of beans and grains for a complete protein! I also love prepping a homemade gluten free and dairy free dessert of some sort in the fridge to munch on when I get a sweet tooth. My fridge is not complete without having muffins, cookies, push pops or cookie dough balls chilling waiting for me to eat them up!

Q: How to stay healthy and avoid cravings?

A: Plot twist. I think the biggest key here is to NOT avoid your cravings. Cravings are important, they are essentially our bodies way of speaking to us. I have spent a lot of my life trying to avoid my cravings and it ends up backfiring. For example, if i'm craving ice cream and I just restrict myself and have an apple instead, well the next day, I will still be craving ice cream. I'll crave it until I satisfy that craving and at that point I will eat way more than I would have if I just had eaten a little bit of ice cream the first day I was craving it. Make sense? With that said, I completely understand if your body is craving a huge pizza and you don't want to give in, but find a healthier substitute! Maybe make yourself a beautiful roasted vegetable pizza on a cauliflower crust with a good quality cheese. That way you are giving into your craving but also not deterring your progress. So here are a few fun indications on what your body may be needing when you're actually craving certain flavors. Craving sweets may mean you actually need some energy! Try chowing down on some good quality carbohydrates like sweet potatoes with nut butter and ghee. Craving salty foods may mean you are deficient in certain minerals, so try increasing your intake of broccoli, kale and other leafy greens. If you are craving something bitter, it may mean you have some digestive imbalances so try adding some mustard greens, kale or collard greens into your diet! If you are craving something specific and you need a healthy but decadent substitute for it, just DM me on Instagram and I will help a sister out. Trust me, I have probably craved what you're craving too.

Q: Natural ways to deal with constipation?

A: In my opinion, there are 3 factors that can play into moving your bowels. Water, fiber and exercise. If you are dealing with constipation I would recommend increasing your water intake first and foremost. A great rule of thumb that is about 1 oz for every pound you weigh. For example, if my weight is 150, I would drink around 150 oz of water a day which equals about a gallon or so. Next, start eating high fiber foods, here are some foods I love: kale, spinach, arugula, kale, broccoli, avocado, oatmeal, brown rice, beans, chia seeds, flaxseeds, prunes, apples and pears. Lastly, try to move those bowels by getting some exercise. So whether that's a quick 30 minute walk, a spin class, a yoga class or a lifting session, just move your body! My last tip may seem silly, but it is to relax. The more we stress about not being able to go to the bathroom, the more our mind body let us! Just don't think about it too much, and allow your body to relax, feel safe, not judged and it'll happen naturally.

Q: What's your best way to de-bloat and detox after a long week of drinking with unhealthy eating?

A: We all have those trips where we go HAM and come back to reality feeling like crap. Here's what I do, enjoy a warm glass of green tea with lemon in the morning. Then I drink tons of water throughout the day. Drinking water can help flush all of the toxins out. Also, try a kombucha, probitocs can help boost your immune system and get your gut feeling back to normal. Move your body, get a little sweat session on to help your bowels move and release anything that needs to be released. Cut out the processed food like protein bars, chips, simple carbs and pre-packaged food. Just go back to the basics with eating real foods, fruits, veggies, lean protein, nuts and seeds. Lastly, give yourself grace. Allow your body to remove the toxins at its own speed, just give yourself the proper nutrition and fuel to be able to do it. After a week of this, you'll be back on feeling 100%!

Q: How do you create a well-balanced and filling lunch when you're on the go?

A: There are two parts to this. The first part is making sure that each of my planned meals have 3 of the major macronutrients in them (fat, protein and carb). Each of these components serve a different purpose in the body and are needed for optimal energy. For example, the fats keep us full, so this may include olive oils, nuts, seeds or avocado. The carbs give us energy and stamina, so this may be fruit, sweet potato, beans or quinoa. And the protein helps keep build and repair cells and tissues in the body. So this may be beans, dairy, meat, fish or nuts. So now that thats settled, we can move on to the second part: thinking ahead! Think about how much time you have to eat your food, where you can eat your food, if you have access to a microwave and how long you'll need to stay full. For example, you may find that your lunch needs to be able to be eaten in the car with one hand, if thats the case, you may opt for a smoothie with a protein bar and some baby carrots. Or maybe your meal needs to be able to be eaten at your desk within 15 minutes, so if thats the case you may opt for a cold salad. Or maybe you need to make sure your lunch can be eaten while walking across the city from meeting to meeting, if thats the case you may want a wrap or sandwich. Regardless, its important not to overthink it but also give yourself enough food to ensure you feel satisfied and full. Here are some of my favorite meal prep foods!

Sandwich/Toast Ideas

  • Open faced avocado toast with smoked salmon. Prep this the night before and just store it in a container in the fridge until you're ready to eat! - Link Here

  • Yogurt on Toast is a great idea! Just pair it with a side salad or some fresh baby carrots and snap peas for a perfectly curated meal. Link here

  • Tuna Salad Sandwich. This meal will keep you super full and satiated throughout the day. Link here

  • Peanut Butter and Blueberry Rice Cake. Link here

Make Ahead Meals You Can Eat Cold

Q: Thoughts on stevia?

A: I love stevia! Stevia is a no calorie natural sweetener that comes from a flower! I think it's important to make sure that that stevia we choose is pure and non-gmo. Just like every other sweetener, we have to be careful of how much we are adding to our foods but it is a great no sugar option if you want to sweeten your tea or coffee. Other sweeteners I love are pure local honey, 100% pure maple syrup, coconut sugar and dates. I probably use all of these sweetness in different occasions. Maple syrup I love for baked goods, honey I love in warm tea, dates are awesome in smoothies and stevia goes amazing in my morning matcha latte!

Q: Skincare routine?

A: I'll start off my saying that my skin is really sensitive, I grew up with a ton of acne so skin health is really important to me. Here's what works for me right now: I wash my face in the AM with cold water and nothing more, then I will apply some Trader Joes Hyaluronic Moisture Boost Serum (I swear this has gotten rid of all of the fine lines and made my skin so smooth), then I'll go under my eyes and on my lips with the CocoKind Matcha Stick. Then lately I have been keeping my jade roller in the fridge, so I go over my face with a jade roller to reduce inflammation, get rid of bags and just smooth the skin. Then I apply my SPF. At night, I will wash my face with the Trader Joes All-In-One Facial Cleanser, then re-apply the Hyaluronic Moisture Boost Serum, Matcha Stick and then I will jade roll again. Thats it! I love products from Trader Joes, they are so affordable and really great! In the summer I don't wear face lotion but in the winter I actually use Trader Joes Oil Free Lotion, this ones super light on the skin and doesn't make me break out. Also, I never wear makeup but when I do I use the Burt's Bees Sensitive Skin Facial Cleansing Wipes to remove my makeup.

Q: Favorite animal? And do you have any pets of your own?

A: I freaking love cats. They are my favorite animal ever. I grew up with a kitty at my parents house and now I have two of my own kitties. Their names are Bobby and Leo and they are the light of my life!

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