The Black Lives Matter Movement & How We Can Help!

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

I am the first person to raise my hand and say I wish I had educated myself on the systematic racism that exists in the United States of America. My eyes have been opened to the injustice of black people. Issues like police brutality, wrongful convictions and food insecurity within low income communities are just scraping the surface of what we need to learn. I do think this is an opportunity to do what we can to sign petitions, educate ourselves on issues, support black owned businesses and actively be anti-racist.

I will start by highlight my favorite black content creators on the Instagram foodie space:

  • @jessicainthekitchen creates vegan & mostly GF recipes (I've tried her vegan chocolate mug cake and the vegan, gluten free waffles)!

  • @marisamoore a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist creating simple + healthy recipes

  • @tishwonders is a YouTuber creating gorgeous savory buddha bowl recipes in video form!

  • @savvyandfit_is a power yoga instructor creating healthy "flex" recipes and provides workout ideas!

  • @traceyjoes creates simple recipes using only Trader Joes ingredients.

  • @lorrainepascale is a talented chef but also an anti-anxiety coach for women!

  • @krystleciarafit is a friend of mine located in Indianapolis sharing holistic health. She even has her own plant based & pescatarian meal prep service!

  • @beetsbybrooke is a vegan food blogger sharing about how medicine, plant based nutrition and mindfulness all come together.

  • @rivyourbestlife posts about mindfulness, healthy eating and vibrational truths. I love how real she is on her page.

  • @supperwithmichelle shares mostly vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian recipes!

  • @flourishheights shares is a women health dietitian sharing wellness and self care tips on how to become the best version of yourself!

  • @jackattack9182 is another one of my Instagram friends that shares plant based food and workouts!

  • @danielleeatsglutenfree is an Instagram friend of mine that shares all gluten free recipes!

  • @chocolateforbasil is an award winning author that creates recipes for NY times, she is a food photographer and shares delicious sweet & savor recipes!

  • @kindred.vegan.souls is a lawyer that is also a foodie, she creates simple and delicious vegan recipes. Her feed is beautiful!

Next, here are some fantastic movies or courses I have been finding useful:

  • Just Mercy

  • Brian Banks

  • 12 Years a Slave

  • The Help

  • 13th

  • Remember the Titans

  • When They See Us (series on Netflix)

  • Rachel Elizabeth Cargle FREE 30 day do the work course - link here

I will continue to update this as I watch more movies, read books, articles and do other forms of education. So please check back from time to time.

Now what can you do? Here's how you can contribute. For the next 7 days (Saturday, June 27th - Saturday, July 4th) 100% of my eCookbook sales + an addition $5 for each book to a black non profit by the name of SÜPRMARKT.


Thank you to this beautiful community, we had a total of 26 eCookbooks sold along with 3 generous donations from my grandma, my dad and my best friend. We raised a total of $730! This means, that we gifted a total of 5x 1 month subscriptions to 5 different families in Inglewood, Los Angeles. Thank you to everyone who supported this initiative.

SÜPRMARKT is a black owned business that provides healthy, organic produce to low income communities in the Los Angeles area. Did you know that there are about 1.3 million residents in south LA with only 60 grocery stores in that area. If someone wants to buy healthy, organic produce they must drive 25 miles (1-2 hours in traffic) to obtain those foods at a very high cost. Children are growing up with food insecurity and 1 in 6 children are considered overweight. SÜPRMARKT then comes in and helps make organic food accessible to all by popping up stands every week or even delivering local organic produce to peoples houses. With your donations, we can donate directly to families, even have the option of connecting with them to share recipes and impact their lives and ideas on healthy eating. Please share this with your friends and family & let’s inspire those communities that need it most!

Click here to purchase an eCookbook & donate!

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