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Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Rome, Italy

Cinque Terre, Italy


Venice, Italy

We stumbled on some gem restaurants, researched safe hotels in attractive locations, found the most affordable transportation and tried to explore as much as we could in a limited amount of time. Now, I wanted to share the trip details with you in case anyone is planning a trip to these cities!

Let me start off by giving you a little background on what kind of travelers we are! My husband and I decided to take this trip as a delayed honeymoon! We are extremely low key and go with the flow type of people & we plan most everything last minute. We don’t like boujie restaurants, or expensive food. We do however love safe hotels in the heart of the city, love being around delicious food and exploring the streets with no plan in mind. We do not prefer to drink alcohol, but love goofing around. Okay, lets get to the details!


Los Angeles International Airport, US to Rome, Italy, nonstop 12 hour flight with Norweigein airlines at $300/person. This included a personal item, a carry on suitcase, picking our seats and 2 meals on board.

Details: We were in LA for a wedding, so we took off from LA to Rome on a non-stop flight on a Saturday at 10 PM from LAX and landed in Rome, in Italy on Sunday at 6 PM. Each seat had individual TV’s with movies and TV shows to choose from. I would recommend downloading your own movies because the selection was a little iffy. I had requested a vegan meal. For dinner I got white rice and steamed vegetables which didn’t taste like anything. For breakfast I then got a piece of white bread with 2 slices of tomato and cucumber in between with some canned fruit. I would recommend bringing your own food or eating a big meal right before you leave at the airport.


Rome, Italy

Where we stayed:

Guest House Cavour: Located only 5 minutes from the Colosseum. Great location right on the main street surrounded by locals, tourists and restaurants.

Where we ate:

Fresco Trastevere: Super cute organic juice shop. Ask for a green juice with ginger!

Pizza & Mortadella: Great for a quick meal right across from the hotel, I tried the Margherita pizza and the 4 cheese pizza with mushrooms.

Osteria Spaghetti: Fantastic lunch, it's right by the Pantheon in a little alley way. I got the grilled vegetable platter and my husband ordered the pepperoni pizza.

Iari The Vino: Such a cute dinner restaurant. You can opt to sit outside! We ordered the fried cheese balls and bruschetta as an appetizer, I got the veggie pizza (which was the best pizza I tried), and my husband ordered the lasagna (he said it was the best lasagna he’s ever tried).

Al Conosseo: The best gelato we tried in all of Italy!

What we did:

Colloseum: Get there early, it opens at like 8:30 so we got there at 9 AM. We stood in line across from the colloseum for about 20 minutes. Paid for 2 adult tickets with a card, then went right in with no wait. Around 12 noon there was a line that looked like it would take about 2 hours to get in (so get there early)!

Trevi Fountain: It takes about 45 minutes to walk from the Collosium to the Trevi Fountain. Drop a wish then move on because it's crowded.

Spanish Steps: It takes about 15 minutes to walk to the Spanish steps from the Trevi Fountain.

Pantheon: It takes about 20 minutes to then walk to the Pantheon from the Spanish Steps. Just remember to cover your shoulders and back if you want to go inside since it's a church.

Travel from Rome to Cinque Terre:

Hop on the train at Rome Trevini (a cab ride from our hotel was about 12 Euros). Then go all the way to La Spezia. From there you hop on another train to the town you're staying in! All in all it took about 4 hours.


Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque means 5 and terre means towns, so it's the city of 5 towns. The only way to get from town to town is to take the train or hike! We stayed in the northernmost town called Monterosso! I highly recommend staying there as it's super cute and slightly larger than the other 2 towns we visited.

Where we stayed:

Hotel Porto Roca: It's secluded and has a phenomenal view. It also includes a large free breakfast buffet which actually ends up saving a bunch of money.

Where we ate:

Bar Davi: Phenomenal pesto gnocchi. I highly recommend getting that there as it is what the city is known for! This restaurant had some of the best food we had in Italy!

La Botega Del Fritto: If you like fried calamari, its a must! It is so fresh and does not taste fishy at all.

La Pia: I tried two dishes, one was a dish with cheese and bread and the other was a chickpea pie. Both were delicious as a little afternoon snack.

L’Osteria: We got there at 6:45 as it opened at 7 PM. It was good we got there early because everyone else had made a reservation! The service is great, and they are known to have some of the best food. For appetizers we got a green salad and the roasted potatoes. For our meal, I tried their spinach and ricotta ravioli with a walnut sauce, and my husband got their seafood pasta.

What we did:

HIKE! Wd hiked from Monterroso to Vernazza (the next town down). The trail started next to our hotel and took about 90 minutes. Theres hundreds of steps up and down so make sure you bring the right shoes, clothes and bring water! The view is one of the most beautiful and spectacular views I’ve ever seen.

Visit the town of Vernazza! It is the cutest little place. There's so much culture there. Grab a coffee, a bite to eat or even go swimming if the weather permits!

Travel from Cinque Terre to Monaco:

Hop on the train from Montessero for about 1 hour 15 minutes to Genova Principe. Then 2 hours 30 minutes to Monaco on another train!



Where we stayed:

Columbus Hotel Monaco: Such a clean and beautiful hotel.

Where we ate:

Tavolo: I got the fig and goat cheese salad which was the best salad I have ever had in my life (and I have had my fair share of salads out at restaurants). My husband ordered the burger and he said it was the best burger he has had in his life as well!

L'Épi d'Or: You must go here if you are into pastries. They had the best dessert I have ever tasted in my life. It was essentially a cream puff filled with vanilla pastry cream. Absolutely decadent.

Rossi La Bottega del Gelato: A great gelato selection. I recommend the chocolate pistachio gelato, it was to die for!

Starbucks: The food is quite pricy here, so we opted to eat at Starbucks for a few of our meals!

What we did:

Monte Carlo Casino: We took a tour of the Monte Carlo Casino as it was featured in the James Bond movies! There is no dress code for the day tour. However, at night there is a strict dress code.

Gamble! There are about 3 casinos right around the Monte Carlo Casino, so we gambled a bit and just enjoyed the nightlife!

Walk by the water! We got in about 22k steps that day, it's an easy town to walk but just bring the right shoes!

Travel from Monaco to Venice:

We took a flight from Nice, France to Venice, Italy for about $40 each. The airport is only about 20 minutes away from Monaco. You can take the train to Nice, then the flight is only 50 minutes to Venice!


Venice, Italy

Where we stayed:

Hotel Foscari Palace: Such a cute hotel right on the water and off the main tourist street.

Where we ate:

Ristorante Al Theatro: They make their own pasta in house, so I tried the pasta with tomato sauce!

Pizza 2000: It was only 2 Euros for an enormous slice of pizza.

Acqua e Mais: Get their fried calamari in a cone!

Gelato Fantasy: Incredible gelato flavors, so rich!

What we did:

GET LOST. Just walk in every little alley. You will stumble across St. Marks Square, Rialto Bridge and Dodge's Palace.

Take a cooking class! We found a cooking class through Trip Advisor that cost us 75 Euros a person. It included a 4-5 hour cooking class with appetizers, prosecco, homemade pasta 2 ways, dessert and lemoncello! I actually captured most of it on video and made an IGTV for you guys - Link Here.

 Two kinds of pasta with a tomato basil sauce and a homemade pesto sauce!
Cooking Class in Venice Italy.

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