My Grocery Shopping List

It can be totally confusing on where and how to begin eating healthy. There are so many diets out there, from the Whole 30, Keto, to Paleo, then there are vegan diets, vegetarian diets, and even raw food diets. How do we know which one to choose? I'm here to tell you that there is NO ONE DIET WORKS FOR ALL. You don't need to define or label yourself with a diet.

I am the biggest believer in bio-individuality. This just means that every one of us is different. What may work well for me and my body, may be a less than desirable option for you and vice versa.

So how do we find the diet that works best for us? Start with real, whole, non-processed food. I created a simple shopping list for you guys to print out and take to the store with you. It's a wonderful way to stock your pantry and begin experimenting with recipes! Basically anything I post, anything I eat, comes from this short list. I do hope this list is a great starter point for you!

Click Here to Download My Grocery Shopping List

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