Thick & Creamy Low Sugar Smoothie Bowls without Banana

We all know that by adding 3-5 bananas into your smoothies you get a creamy NICE CREAM STYLE smoothie bowl, right?

But what if we didn’t want to add that much natural sugar into a single meal?

I have the BEST banana substitutes in smoothies to get that same creamy NICE CREAM CONSISTENCY! Today I am showing you 5 VEGETABLES to add into your smoothies to make the creamiest & thickest smoothie bowls WITHOUT USING BANANA!

  1. CAULIFLOWER: chop, steam, freeze & store so it’s easy only your digestive system.

  2. SWEET POTATO: chop, boil, freeze & store in a container for added fiber into your smoothies!

  3. ZUCCHINI: chop, steam, freeze & store so that it’s easy on your digestive system (this is my personal favorite smoothie add in).

  4. CANNED COCONUT MILK: freeze in an ice tray then store in a container to add a creamy tropical flavor into any smoothie bowl.

  5. AVOCADO: Chop & freeze for the thickest smoothie contestant. This one is my favorite in chocolate flavored smoothie bowls!

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